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-Custom-Made Jewelry-
Craft Your Unique Story: Jewelry Designed Just for You

A custom-made piece of jewelry allows you to participate in the design process and create a one-of-a-kind piece that tells your own story. 

Together we can:

Take apart an old piece of jewelry with fond memories and design a new one that preserves them.

Design a unique family or friendship piece for everyone to wear.

Create a new piece that preserves the memory of a loved one.


Plan a special gift for an important event.

The first step is to share the ideas that you have. It can be through pictures, a design from my collection, a drawing or even a simple description. 

Then it will be tailored to your personal taste, your desires, your color choices, materials, your body structure, budget, and timeline.

It can even have your own words engraved on it.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-30 at 14.59_edited.jpg

Together, we will discover the design you dream of and create it for you.

I always say:
Jewelry is not merely an adornment to the body, it is a time capsule that weaves connections and narrates family tales of life.

The stories behind Custom-Made jewelry

Old Jewelry

Mom's old pendant

This pendant is a powerful time capsule, a piece of jewelry from Mom who is no longer with us. 


Alone, on a chain, Hagit felt it was too "old looking" but wanted to wear it, she wanted to feel Mom all the time.


To the pendant we added an impressive chain,

a long diamond stick and a drop of gold with a heart shape piece missing.


Now she can wear it.

Mom's old pendant 2.jpg

New Jewelry

Mom's 30-year-old wedding gift

We took apart Mom's 30-year-old wedding gift from her mother-in-law, a three-colored gold and diamond necklace, and created FOUR different pieces, making sure they all have diamonds and the three colors of gold: yellow, white, and rose.


Two bracelets and a necklace for her daughters, and a ring combined with her father's wedding band, for herself.

Mom's 30-year-old wedding gift 3.jpg

Old Necklace

4 creations connecting 3 generations through jewelry

Mom's 30-year-old wedding gift 5.jpg
Mom's 30-year-old wedding gift 4.jpg
Mom's 30-year-old wedding gift 2.jpg

Family Birthday Bracelets

There is always a desire for birthday gifts with a special meaning.


These are 5 personalized bracelets, one for each family member, all engraved with the same sentence on a special silver plate:

 "To all who call upon Him in truth." 

According to Keren, it means: "His mouth and heart are in alignment

This is her Birthday gift to her husband."


Each family member requested a special color thread and a unique knot: black, brown, or white. 

For the girls, I created a delicate twisted macrame knot, and for the boys, a flat and masculine knot.


Happy Birthday Dad!

The Freedom Necklace

The Freedom Necklace was commissioned by The Hostages and Missing Families  Forum.

The pendant is a unique design in the form of a ribbon with a missing heart shape to represent our heart in Gaza and the word "NOW" engraved on one side, using the Hostage Families logo.


It's a uniform family piece for all family members to wear, for the families of Israelis and Jewish people all around the world.


The pendant was created in no time. From the sketch, made in the first minute of the initial phone call from the Hostages Families Forum, to the three-dimensional sketch a few hours later at my studio. 

Everything was done with the same sense of urgency we all feel since October 7th.


After two weeks and several models, thousands of Freedom Necklaces have left the production line, packed in boxes, and sent home to everyone who purchased and donated to the families.

The Freedom Necklace 1.jpg

From dream to reality: The work process

As a goldsmith and a longtime jewelry designer, I have been working with the best skilled, loyal, and professional team:
a computer modeling expert, a caster, a stone setter, and a gemological expert for gemstones and diamonds.

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