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Welcome to my studio

For me, every woman is an entire universe. Every jewelry should express her unique world. For more than 18 years I mold personalities, hopes and dreams into templates of gold. These are keepsakes for everything that is dear to your heart.

As a certified and professional Jewelry Designer I combine several techniques, including Diamond and gemstones Inlay to create jewelry that are special as its wearer. Such that surpasses seasonal fashion and short-lived trends.   Expressive design and great care to every detail are my guidelines.  

There is a great variety of Jewelry collections to choose from - earrings, necklaces and rings, including wedding and engagement rings .  These are the go-to day as well as special occasions pieces of exquisite quality.  

Something special to mark every occasion

​The world around me provides immense opportunities of inspiration but what inspires me the most are these "small" intimate stories. I am always happy to take the title of a "family's personal Jeweler" and create special tailor made Jewelry that mark special family occasions- a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary. Any special occasion presents us with the opportunity for a special gift. Treasure the moment and treat yourself or your dear ones with a gift. Jewelry is a great way to say "I love you" or "Thank you".

Special Jewelry

I create a wide selection of Jewelry made of gold as well as inlaid gemstones. In addition, I create custom made jewelry and repair and redesign old jewelry. Old Jewelry that withhold a special story  always capture my attention. A challenge to adapt it to contemporary style and its owner's personality. Redesigning a piece of jewelry  means giving it a new life.

You are invited to browse through my jewelry collection. Upon request it is possible to create a special custom made piece of jewelry that expresses your unique style.

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